The Band

Celtica is a traditional session group, playing weekly in the local area (see our Calendar Page for details). The group comprises musicians of all proficiencies, walks of life, and backgrounds in Celtic music. All participate as they are able; but the draw is all the same – an intense interest in the Celtic heritage, its music, and its people – in short, all things Celtica!

Members of the group also perform at local venues. Again, the various members participate in these performances as they are able.

You, too, can be a part of this! Our sessions are open to anyone – young, old, experienced, or beginner. We have charts (sheet music), but most members are working to play the tunes and songs without the music in front of them – just like in sessions you’d find in Ireland. We have only two session rules – first, we play traditional / traditional genre music; and second, we’re all playing the same thing when we play (no one’s off noodling around on one tune while the group’s playing something else). Drop by and join us!

Celtica at St James the Greater