Paul and Allison at Morrison's Pub

Celtica’s CDs, “Belleville Sessions,” “Nice As Apple Pie,” and “Athair agus Ínion,” are available for purchase – either as a physical CD and/or as a download – through the handy CD Baby music player app, below.  “Belleville Sessions” taps the craic of our old haunt, Castletown Geoghgan in Belleville, where Celtica members gathered with other area musicians for weekly sessions.  “Nice As Apple Pie” picks up where “Belleville Sessions” left off by exploring some new acoustic ground, new styles, and features some new faces as guest musicians (who we hope will come back again for future projects!).  “Athair agus Ínion” features Paul and Allison – ‘Father and Daughter’ – playing some session and personal favorites cultivated over time.  

Also check us out on iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, or any number of other popular music streaming and download sites for selections from both of these projects.